Frequently Asked Questions


Q : Do any of the Beers contain THC and/or CBD

A : None of the beers contain THC and/or CBD.

A : No THC and/or CBD is added to the Beers.

Q : Then what hemp is added to the Beers?

A : Non Blonde has created a proprietary hemp extract, that is added to the production processes.

Q : Why are Non Blonde Hemp Beers unique?

A : The beers are brewed with hemp e.g. hemp is added during the brewing process. No additional hemp flavourants and/or terpenes are added to create their unique flavour.

Q : Why use hemp in the beer?

A : Hemp and Hops are in the same family. As Hops is used to impart a signature flavour and bittering, so Hemp is used to provide a unique flavour and bittering expected in beer.

Hemp is also a rich source of protein, which is very good for the yeasts used when brewing beer. Hemp also creates a creamy mouthfeel, adding to the enjoyability and drinkability of the beer. It also imparts a nutty taste, which balances well with the bitterness of hops.

Q : Are there any health benefits to drinking hemp beer?

A : The beers are not manufactured or marketed as a health beverage. They are however, darn good beers.

Q : Why drink hemp beer?

A : Because they taste amazing!?

Q : Does Non Blonde sell directly to pubs, restaurants, clubs etc.

A : Yes

Q : Does Non Blonde sell directly to the public.

A : No. Not at the moment.

Q : Does Non Blonde have a license to sell alcoholic beverages

A : Yes, we sell under license

Q : What is the difference between Kings & Queens?

A : “Traditional” Beers, brewed with hemp as part of the mash. No added terpenes and/or flavonoids. A naturally brewed, real hemp beer, brewed according to beer style. The difference between the Kings and Queens – the Queens are lower in alcohol and/or are brewed with additional, interesting ingredients to add flavour.


No CBD and/or THC in the Beers.

We’re not using the flowers in the brewing process.