The traditional Snakebite with a shot of Blackcurrent LiqueurSNAKEBITE & BLACK

When a dash of blackcurrant liqueur is added to a Snakebite, it becomes the more potent Snakebite & Black, or a Diesel.

The Snakebite is made with equal parts Lager and hard cider and may just become your new favourite beverage!

Crisp, refreshing cider is accented perfectly with a layer of beer in this tasty beer cocktail.


Beer Cocktail


Pale International Lager


5 Minutes


2 Servings


330 ml  Non Blonde Lager

355 ml Hard cider, apple, pear, or a combination

Shot of Blackcurrent Liqueur


Fill a tall beer glass half full with the hard cider.

Insert the back of a spoon into the glass, with the tip touching the inside of the glass above the cider. Gently and slowly pour the Lager over the spoon, taking care not to mix with the Cider.

Pour the Blackcurrent Liqueur in the same manner.

Give the cocktail a moment to settle and serve.