Bourbon, fast and simple classic cocktailOLD FASHIONED AMBER

Smoky bourbon, sweet maraschino cherries and zesty orange combine together in this fast and simple classic cocktail that we’re happy to have in our arsenal.


Beer Cocktail


Hemp Munich Dunkel


10 Minutes


1 Serving



1/2 Cup Bourbon

1 Tablespoon Sugar

1/2 Teaspoon Bitters, such as Angostura or Orange

2 x 330 ml Cans of Non Blonde Hemp Munich Dunkel

4 Strips Orange Peel (peeled from the orange with a vegetable peeler – make sure not to remove any of the white pith)

4 x Maraschino Cherries


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.

Add the bourbon, sugar and bitters and shake well.

Strain into 4 rocks glasses and top each with half a bottle of Dunkel.

Rub the rim of the glass with the orange peel and then add it to the drink along with a cherry.